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Pro Tools Course | Tokyo

This course is designed to help you get to grips with the basic principles and fundamental skills needed to create and arrange music in Pro Tools 12. You’ll learn how to set up sessions and follow this right through to the final mix-down, all the while using Pro Tools 12’s latest features. This will include MIDI recording and editing techniques, mixing, recording and editing digital audio and how to use ‘plug-ins’ (processing effects). Course participants will get the chance to apply what they’ve learned in class to recording projects under the supervision of an instructor. It’s a course that will be of interest to audio engineers and producers, songwriters and composers as all are walked through the creative and practical processes of seeing a song through from conception to completion, delivery and back up!

Our certified trainers are brilliant at step-by-step instruction, using music projects to illustrate their explanations, beginning by teaching basic music creation skills and then progressing through to more advanced production techniques. To learn more and request information on the schedule, click here.


After successfully completing the Pro Tools course, students will be able to:

  • Create, set up and successfully configure Pro Tools session/Project
  • Set up and capture/record both audio & MIDI information
  • Successfully perform basic editing, including selecting and navigating around the relevant windows
  • Import audio &video into sessions
  • Perform basic mixing and apply routing concepts to sessions
  • Diligently deliver and perform backup of work

36 Hours | In-Person: ¥450,000 | 33% off Online Remote Attendance

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    Sharing and learning from a legendary Producer/Engineer is priceless and incredible.

    Pablo Toscano

    The course is very friendly and engaging. Any and all questions will be asked with no hesitation or frustration, and it helps everyone else in the class that might have the same question in mind.

    Ryan Conway

    Affordable classes with a lot of knowledgeable teachers that are down to earth and easy going... amazing teachers.

    Anthony C

    The instructor was great. He was extremely good at explaining things and always gave us enough time to put what we were learning into practice. Most importantly, he is passionate about music and actually enjoys teaching which really makes the whole experience very enjoyable.

    Reggie Chelsom

    It’s a great school and have great teachers. Some schools care only about fancy gear in the classroom and forget about the essential: the teachers!

    João Gama

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